Taly is wonderful to work with and is fantastic at UI design and UX production projects. Taly has grown so much since when she started with us and has a never ending supply of willingness to learn, a care for successful outcomes and is continuously happy and kind throughout the process. Not only does our team love Taly but our clients do as well.

Steve Street

CEO & Experience Design Director, Founder, Agilitee

I am excited to recommend Taly Melo for brand management services for web development, logo design and graphic design. I have had the privilege of working with Taly for over 6 years. During that time, she has continued to provide superior customer service to both my clients and my company. She possesses an unmatched attention to detail and treats every project as though it is for her own company. She is up to date on current trends and develops brands for her clients that position them to compete at the highest levels. Her diverse group of clients prove that her creativity and business savvy cannot be put in a box. In 2014, Taly developed the brand for one of my major events. She helped to give my event credibility and mass appeal. I look forward to continuing a business relationship with Taly for years to come.

Vonna Matthews

Founder, ForHerMedia

Taly is a workhorse of the highest pedigree! In our shared time together on projects for Subway she was not only amazingly efficient at churning out work for our production needs, but equally impressive when dealing with intricate concepts and transforming them into practical user flows and UI designs. I would recommend Taly for any UI work that comes her way – she’s got a great eye for design, organization, and most importantly she has a great sense of the user’s needs and behaviors in the digital space.

Pete Mrsich

UI Designer, Subway Digital

Taly is an extremely hard-working, driven, and talented designer. I’ve worked with Taly for two years now and have seen a tremendous growth in her technical abilities, thoughtfulness, presentation skills, and ability to think creatively beyond the task at hand.

Taly has made a huge contribution to improving the visual identity of the Nobilis Health brands in all marketing channels. Also, she’s an excellent digital designer with strong abilities in web design—since starting to work at Nobilis, she has redesigned two brand websites.

Taly would be a huge asset to any creative team!

Ariel Martin

Experience Director, Nobilis

Taly would be a great asset to your design team, period. Throughout our time working together at Agilitee, she has honed her skills to think through problems from a customer or user-perspective and address solutions using lean UX practices.

She also has a great eye for detail and solid project management chops. On the soft skills side, her positive attitude, willingness to learn, and adaptability make her an exceptional teammate

Cat Ganim

Digital Product Manager, Agilitee

Taly is a shining example of someone with a focused vision and attention to oft-missed details. In my experience working with Taly, I valued her ability to deliver thoughtful designs as well as plan and rationalize for a cohesive, seamless user experience.

Thomas Ibarra

Software Developer, Nobilis

I’ve worked with Taly for the past year or more at Nobilis Health, and she has been a pleasure to work with. She is a skilled designer with an eye on visual design, a mind on digital trends, and a working knowledge of development tools and front-end development.

Chris Kobler

Senior Web Developer at , Nobilis

Taly is a professional who is well beyond her years and peers. She is cutting edge and innovative. Fast response and quick with brain-storming ideas. She is a great person to have on the team.

Glynn Lively

Broker, Paul Taylor Homes

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